MAE 5430 Combustion Processes, Cornell University, Prof. Sobhani

Topics: Thermochemistry, kinetics, heat and mass transport processes, premixed and non-premixed laminar flames, simulating one-dimensional combustion processes in Cantera.

Previous final project topics:

  • Modeling the flammability of refrigerants

  • Microrobots powered by soft combustion actuators

  • Cantera simulation of the non-premixed DLR-A flame

  • Combustion for multimode microsatellite propulsion

  • Modeling of the spud gun combustion chamber

  • Numerical simulation of laminar premixed flames comparing Fluent and Cantera

  • Deflagration to detonation transition

  • Droplet combustion in microgravity

  • Enabling miniature arrays of actuators for haptics: Cantera modeling of soft combustion in Cantera

  • The effects of fuel additives on exhaust emissions from diesel engines

  • DNS-mapping for laminar flame speeds of syngas/air mixtures