MAE 4950/6950 Spacecraft Thermal Management Cornell University, Prof. Sobhani

This course overviews the strategies, technologies and governing scientific principles applied to control and protect spacecraft against extreme heating or cooling.

Sample of previous final project topics:

  • Novel, Highly Ablative Heat Shields for In-situ Resource Utilization

  • Mars Sample Return: Heat shield and trajectory design

  • Minimizing Thermal Protection System Heat Sheild Mass

  • Thermal Protection System for Entry to Venus Atmosphere

  • Earth Reentry of Orbital Manufacturing Capsule

MAE 5430 Combustion Processes

Cornell University, Prof. Sobhani

Topics: Thermochemistry, kinetics, heat and mass transport processes, premixed and non-premixed laminar flames, simulating one-dimensional combustion processes in Cantera.

Sample of previous final project topics:

  • Cantera simulation of the non-premixed DLR-A flame

  • Combustion for multimode microsatellite propulsion

  • Microrobots powered by soft combustion actuators

  • Numerical simulation of laminar premixed flames comparing Fluent and Cantera

  • Enabling miniature arrays of actuators for haptics: Cantera modeling of soft combustion in Cantera